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Welcome to crafts by (me), Jane!

I enjoy many different areas when it comes to crafting - name it and I have likely at least tried it! This is my website where I am finally able to share my love of crafting & handmade with others. I have been into crafting since before I can remember but for the sake of not revealing a lady's own age let just say for the past decade (or so) I have been crafting in my day to day life. I love creating handmade items and giving them as gifts on holidays. Nothing feels more genuine and heartfelt than making something myself!

On each of the pages you will find some of the great crafting patterns and designs I have found (and tested out) around the web recently. I will try to update the lists to the best of my ability when time allows. I will also try to sort them properly so that you may find patterns more easily. I hope you find new inspiration and get ideas from the content you find here.